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Whether you are single or in a relationship; co-habiting, living apart, married or in a civil partnership; relationship therapy can help you resolve the difficulties you are experiencing.  


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Relationships can often feel like hard work.  


Relationship therapy can be an effective way to identify and explore issues, with a view to making positive changes.  Sometimes there is a crisis, other times a problem that has been bubbling for years.  Sometimes, there is just a sense of being stuck, and not knowing where to start.


Here are some problems that have brought people into relationship therapy, either alone, or with their partner.  


'We used to get on so well, and now whenever we start talking, it ends in a row.'


'They say it is not really an affair because it's all been online.  I don't agree, and I don't trust them any more.'


'They give all their attention to the kids.  And sex is totally off the agenda.'


'We're still really good friends, but there's just no spark any more.'


'I've just discovered he likes dressing up in women's underwear.  He says he can't stop.'


'Her family interferes all the time, but she just doesn't see it as a problem.'


'I checked their phone and found out they are having an affair.  They have been lying to me all this time.'


'They have just told me it's over, and they are moving out next week.  I can't believe it.'


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Cambridge Relationship Therapy is provided by Pam Henderson.  To make an appointment with Pam please call her on 07814-970154 or email

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